I’m a tiger

Animal prints have stood the test of time, often associated with an exotic, sexy look.

Options include leopard, zebra print, cheetah and tiger prints, alongside snakeskin. Less is usually best, opting for one fabulous print item, and then styling it with classic add-ons, and metallic accessories. At one time considered evening wear, animal prints have made the transition to daywear also, showing up in offices, at restaurants and all manner of functions.

The key to looking good is balance. Don’t overdo it. Coordinate casual neutrals to tone down the fierceness of jungle prints.

Here are some suggestions:.
1. Blouses
Wear with black (or blue) jeans, black dress pants and strappy heels.
2. Coats and jackets
A statement coat or jacket looks amazing with all black underneath. Coordinate black top and pants, a jumpsuit, dress, or skirt and blouse with your favourite jacket in summer and coat in winter.
3. Dresses
Current sneaker trends work amazingly well with prints and dresses. Try a wrap dress with flats, or white sneakers.
For a more sophisticated look, pair a ruffled or layered dress with strappy sandals.

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