Illuminated spaces

With warm summer nights in sight, it is time to start thinking about creating your perfect outdoor entertaining area. When the sun sinks, outdoor lighting is the real hero. There is so much you can do with lighting to create ambience and a sense of cosiness outside. The right lighting for your area will highlight colours from the garden, illuminate seating and pathways and create an overall warmth and softness to the space.

Positioning lights under trees, plants, pots or built- in benches and chairs creates a beautiful soft glow to the area. The subtle, understated lighting can also be nestled into flower beds to highlight the colours when it gets dark. If you are wanting to maximise cosiness and create an intimate setting, uplighting is the key.

String lighting
An affordable, quick and easy way to create ambience in an outdoor area is using string lighting. Hung overhead, string lights create definition in darkness and add a festive feeling to the space. They can be placed around fences, trees or along the sides of the house. Once it is dark, the string disappears, and the twinkling lights bring the area to life.

Solar lighting
Growing in popularity, solar LED lights are a great option for outdoor lighting as they have high output and a large variety of colours available. There is obviously some care needed when placing them to ensure they get ample sunlight during the day, but they are a versatile option and can be used in spotlights, lanterns, downlighting and accent lighting.

Floor lights
Great for use around pools or patios and deck areas, floor lights help with guiding and defining spaces. A subtle way to bring light into a space, having flat floor lights along pathways also ensures safety at night. A contemporary look, the uplighting placement can also create ambience around the garden, water features or seating areas.

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