Hula your way to fitness

Weighted hula hoops have come out as one of the biggest international fitness trends this year.

Other trends gaining plenty of enthusiasts include ZUU, stroller fitness, reverse running and trapeze classes.

They were revealed in a new study by UK-based PureGym, which analysed worldwide Google search data for over 100 different fitness trends to calculate the increase in interest in the time between now, and the same period last year.

Largely thanks to going viral on TikTok recently, weighted hula hoops have seen the biggest spike in interest heading into 2022. ZUU, the brain-child of Aussie fitness guru Nathan Helberg, that uses movements inspired by the animal kingdom to give a challenging full body workout, wasn’t far behind, proving more popular than other big fitness trends such as CrossFit and Boxercise.

The trend to workout at home because of Covid-19 was found to be declining, with interest in the likes of ‘online workouts’ dropping by 64 percent, according to the survey results.

The findings also showed that this year many who exercise regularly will be mixing up their routines by merging them with other interests or activities. Plogging, which benefits both your health as well as the planet by picking up litter while you run, is one example, while ‘beer yoga’ is also on the up, a trend that is exactly what it says on the tin: a yoga session featuring an ice-cold pint.

The top 20 trends the survey found were:

1. Weighted hula hoops
2. ZUU
3. Stroller fitness
4. Reverse running
5. Trapeze classes
6. Aqua sprint
7. Beer yoga
8. Crossfit
9. F45
10. Canicross
11. Glute workout
12. Short workouts
13. Jiu Jitsu
14. Muay Thai
15. Back workouts
16. Boxercise
17. Chair dancing
18. Indoor surfing
19. Jazzercise
20. Plogging

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