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Electrification is becoming more and more the norm across all automotive sectors. Ben Selby reports.

One can’t afford to be left behind, even when it comes to commercial vehicles. Peugeot know this, which is why their popular Partner van has been given an electric boost. Enter the e-Partner, one of the most car-like vans around.The range consists of two models, the standard and long. Prices start at $74,990 plus ORC.

Throw in the full Government clean car rebate of $7015 and this Partner is well priced. The Long will set you back $77,990 but you still get that full rebate.

Underneath sits a 50kWh battery pack which sends 100kW of power to the front wheels. You also get a torque boost of up to 260Nm in
Power mode, but more on that in a bit.

With a claimed 245km of range, you will be able to completely recharge from a standard 7.4kW wall box charger in seven hours. Plus, if you use a 100kW fast charger, you will have up to 80% charge in just 30 minutes.

The Long featured here is slightly longer, hence the name. With a payload of 751kg, there are plenty of nooks and crannies to store everything from bits of four by two timber, which can be stored snuggly with the passenger multi-flex seat featured on the Long version folded away, giving 3.44m of space.

Inside you sit upright with a clear view of your surroundings, though not for the rear, but you do have a very clear and concise reversing camera to aid in backing up. Talking of tech, the e-Partner features Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, blind spot monitoring, active emergency braking, lane departure warning, six airbags and USB charging. The small steering wheel fits snuggly in your mitts and the raised instrument cluster sits atop the dash, displaying nice looking analogue dials.

What amazes me most about the e-Partner is how it feels on the move. While some vans tend to buck around a bit, this one, probably down to the extra weight of the batteries, stays quite planted. Its handling dynamics are also well worth mentioning as that feeling of keeping planted extends to the corners too.

There are three drive modes to choose from, Eco, Normal and Power. The latter is the most impressive. It allows you to saunter along at a decent rate while giving you the extra torque required to haul those heavy loads.

The e-Partner feels more like a car than a van. In fact, if your work or lifestyle desires practicality but you don’t want to part with the sensation of driving something more mainstream and desire the silent running economy of EV motoring, then you would be hard-pressed to overlook the e-Partner.

2023 Peugeot e-Partner

Price: $74,990 start

Powertrain: 50kW battery

Motor: Electric

Power: 100kW

Torque: 230Nm

Payload: 750kg

Weight: 1630kg

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