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When it comes to hosting the hottest event – whether that’s a conference, meeting or training seminar – you’re certainly not short on options. We’ve checked out the top tips to ensure you host the hottest event in town.



You remember the mantra from school, right? In order to understand whether you made the right moves, you need to set SMART goals; SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based. During the event you’ll know what is important, and after the event you’ll be able to measure your effectiveness.

Money, money, money!
‘Money, money, money’ – it’s so important that you could expect it to be a critical line in a famous song! Like so many things in life, it all comes down to the bottom line. Set a budget before you even start your planning. This is going to affect the venue, catering options and accommodation. After all, conferences and training seminars are there to support your bottom line, not blow it.

Location, location, location
It may be the mantra for real estate agents the world over, but it is equally relevant when it comes to selecting an event venue. Think carefully about where attendees and speakers will be coming from and transport options to the venue. If it is out of town, accommodation and transport will need to be considered, so good transportation links and easy access are a must. When transportation becomes difficult, you risk losing attendees.

Accessible accommodation
If your event is running all day, for several days, or is out of town, then accommodation is a key consideration. Conference venues that offer accommodation on site is a great option, especially if your event is running over several days, as this ensures attendees can relax at the end of the day, without additional travel.

Space savers
Put time and planning into your space requirements. Many of our conference venues feature varying room sizes, from small boardrooms to large conference spaces seating upwards of 100. A lengthy conference in a cramped space is going to be uncomfortable for attendees, while a 100-seater conference space for an intimate 10-person meeting is going to give the perception of an unsuccessful event, even when this isn’t the case.

Mod cons
It may be a low-key event, but don’t underestimate the mod cons that can make all the difference. Audio-visual technology is generally a must, even for small scale events after all, your speakers may want to use a PowerPoint presentation. Chances are your attendees will want to use laptops, tablets or smartphones to take notes, so Wi-Fi support is a bit of a must when it comes to modern day venue needs. Meanwhile, speaker systems, projectors and interactive whiteboards are just some of the capabilities that can elevate your event from good to great.

Feast or famine
Feeding your attendees is pretty critical. Many venues will offer package deals, with catering included. Lack of breaks and regular food intervals and concentration levels simply won’t be on your side.



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