Drink up

Every bit an accessory now as is a handbag or wallet, a drink bottle can be the star of the show. No longer are choices limited to plain colours. Did you know? Daily recommended fluid intake is 6-8 cups for adults, and 4-6 cups for children. Check out these colourful options:  

Instant lift

All-day computer use can play havoc with your hands and wrists, but this could be a thing of the past. With the new Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse from Logitech, the likelihood of overuse injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome is minimised due to the hand and wrist being at a more natural angle. The 57-degree […]

Witness the fitness

Not all fitness watches are created equal. Metropol’s gadget guy Ian Knott looks at Suunto’s impressive flagship model, the 9 Peak. If I were a betting man, it’d be a fairly safe wager that as you are reading this you are either wearing, or at least own, a fitness watch of some sort. There would […]

Where’s your Mauri Tau?

Few resources and a need for whānau connection led to a new learning book, Kei whea a Mauri Tau – Where is Mauri Tau. The book was created to help children recognise, describe and manage emotions such as anxiety, worry, anger, hurt and feelings of missing loved ones. Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki, a clinical psychologist and […]

Gadgety goodness

A comfortable fit These Sony LinkBuds don’t exactly look comfortable, but they are by far the most comfortable earbuds I’ve used. Rather than poke into your ear canal, they instead sit in the outer conforms of your ear, and if you take a picture of your ear and upload it to the app, the sound […]

Special gifts: Coco Gifts

Why travel long distances to locate the perfect gift when you’ll find endless choice, and exclusive, quality products, right on your doorstep? Situated in central St Albans, just a few blocks from Merivale Mall, Coco Gifts are the experts at streamlining your shopping experience, starting with stress-free car parking, and helpful staff. You’ll be tempted […]