Gadgety goodness

A comfortable fit

These Sony LinkBuds don’t exactly look comfortable, but they are by far the most comfortable earbuds I’ve used.
Rather than poke into your ear canal, they instead sit in the outer conforms of your ear, and if you take a picture of your ear and upload it to the app, the sound will be adjusted to suit! Made with Zoom calls and office use in mind, the speaker ring allows external sounds in, while still delivering decent sound. Just one of a number of very clever features.

Game on

Logitech’s solidly built G413 SE keyboard will improve your online gaming skills in no time. The highly responsive clicky key switches have a great mechanical feel to them, and because the keyboard is wired, there’s no delay whatsoever. The G413 SE isn’t high-end, but is excellent quality for an entry/mid-level keyboard.

Banish blemishes

Be the star of your own Dr Pimple Popper videos with Manicare’s Magnifying Pore Vacuum. With its focused lighting and close-up high definition camera showing you exactly what’s going on through the associated smartphone app, you’ll be targetting those blemishes in no time. Fair warning: It’s pretty gross, yet extremely addictive.

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