June 7th

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Blog: Well, 2024 is truly underway – Nathan Miglani

Over the past month and a bit back in our office, the real estate market has surprised us all with an unexpected surge of optimism. There has been a whirlwind of activity, with a significant number of individuals selling, buying, and aiming to upgrade their properties. First-time homebuyers are also starting the year on a […]

Have a heart

More than 175,000 New Zealanders live with some form of heart condition, and almost 10,000 people die from cardiovascular disease each year. Almost a quarter of those deaths are avoidable, according to the New Zealand Heart Foundation, which has for more than four years been lobbying for a national heart health action plan. Many of […]

Being biophilic

An increasing number of architectural and interior home designers are incorporating biophilic principles into their work, bringing nature indoors. Being at one with nature is often relaxing, tranquil, and can evoke feelings of wellbeing and peace, which is where biophilic design comes in; its goal is to bring traditionally outdoor elements inside so our homes […]

Enjoy a new kitchen: Kitchen Concepts

The kitchen is somewhere we spend a lot of time and is the heart of the home – you should love what you see. There’s nothing better than having a kitchen that both works well and looks great. With 2024 underway, it’s a great time to update your kitchen and create something that you’ll love […]

Taking flight

The opening of Christchurch’s Tāwhaki National Aerospace Centre at Kaitorete in early February is another step in Christchurch’s ambition to be the flourishing centre of New Zealand’s aerospace industry. Having a local testing, flight and launch facility will massively accelerate this fast-growing sector in Ōtautahi and Aotearoa, especially for the several local companies who aspire […]

Fashion with Kate Sylvester

Top New Zealand fashion designer Kate Sylvester was in Christchurch this month to launch her Gloria Gloria Autumn Winter 24 collection. Metropol Editor Lynda Papesch talks with her about trends, tailoring, and telling a tale with textiles. Surrounded by a sea of teal and orange, denim blues, plum, and cherry red, fashion icon Kate Sylvester […]

Sandwich styling

The latest trend to hit the fashion world, one that promises to make getting dressed that much easier, is the ‘sandwich’ method. It is the act of using colour or texture to invent a seamless outfit. Matching your shoes to your top, or your pants to your headband or sunglasses. In doing so, you’ll have […]

A sculptural experience like no other: Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden

“Where did I learn to understand sculpture? In the woods by looking at the trees, along roads by observing the formation of clouds, in the studio by studying the model, everywhere except in the schools.” — Auguste Rodin This March, visitors can admire, discuss and come to understand sculpture for themselves when Tai Tapu Sculpture […]

Award-winning musical extravaganza: Kinky Boots Showbiz Christchurch

A spectacular new stage production, starting in Christchurch in April, is bound to have you kicking up your heels in delight. Showbiz Christchurch’s production of Kinky Boots, will grace the stage at the Isaac Theatre Royal from 19 April to 4 May, and promises to be an unforgettable experience for theatre enthusiasts and fans alike. […]