Holiday fun and games: Jurassic Adventure

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Jurassic Adventure is Christchurch’s new home base for young dino devotees, and anyone who is passionate about palaeontology.

Christchurch’s longest mini golf course winds through a beautifully planted jungle- themed course filled with amazing huge dinosaurs.

The 18 holes are suitable for all ages, and in a Kiwi first, are fully accessible. Dino Dig is where young palaeontologists search in a life size excavation site to discover an entire dinosaur fossil, while The Raptor Run, a dinosaur themed maze and hunt, is thundering its way to the park.

Facebook reviewers unanimously love this affordable, fun, friendly, and clean Jurassic jewel, where the water is clean, the sunscreen is free, and the dinosaurs
are unleashed.

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