Hidden opportunities: Ricoh NZ

Digital experiences to meet the needs of a hybrid workplace hinge on doing things automatically, and at scale.

Carlos Kiri Cook, Senior Hybrid Workplace Specialist ricoh nz

In today’s business environment, the digital transformation imperative is embrace automation today, or go out of business tomorrow. In other words, automation is critical to success in the modern world, and those who don’t take advantage of it will quickly find themselves struggling to keep up.

What’s sobering is that over 50% of businesses don’t have clarity around their systems and processes, and they know it’s holding back efficiency.

A lack of automation can lead to missed opportunities for cost savings and process improvements. It can also result in competitive disadvantage, as companies that have adopted workflow and automation solutions can do more with less.

By streamlining workflows and processes through automation, businesses can consistently handle large quantities of information. This improves operational efficiency and eliminates the time spent handling tedious, time-consuming manual work.

I can help streamline how your business completes everyday tasks so your employees can focus on higher value priorities. Getting rid of unnecessary, repetitive work helps employees feel more engaged with their jobs. At the same time, this provides a base for your employees to provide great customer experiences.

Touch base with me so you can focus on your core business and uncover hidden opportunities. Email me at ckiricook@ricoh.co.nz or call me on 027 828 5335.


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