Hidden health

Hidden health: Metropol Recipe

The New Year has come and gone and on the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions for many of us is health.


Hidden health

We all know the value of including fruit and vegetables in our daily meal plan. For many people this can be a real struggle.  So why not grate, slice, blend, or cube pieces of fruit and veggies into your favourite recipes and gain the added health benefits without overpowering on their delivery or try out some deliciously unique recipes like our favourite Velvety avo popsicles below!



2 avocados pitted
1.5 cups coconut milk
3 tbs honey
2 tbs lime juice




Place all ingredients into a blender; secure lid and pulse to break down ingredients.

Scrape down the inner sides of the blender to incorporate splattered ingredients and replace lid.

Blend until the mixture is a smooth, creamy consistency without lumps.

Evenly distribute the mixture into six popsicle moulds. The blended ingredients are thick; you may find spooning the mixture into the moulds easier than pouring.

Tap the filled moulds on the counter top to remove air bubbles and settle the mixture.

Place popsicle sticks or handles into the mixture in the centre of the moulds.

Freeze the moulds for several hours, until the mixture has completely solidified.

When you are ready to eat, run the mould under water briefly to help release the popsicle. Gently pull the popsicle out by the handle and enjoy!



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