Heavenly headboards

At the heart of every bedroom, a bed, its frame and headboard sits waiting to provide another good nights’ sleep.

Feature headboards are an easy way to liven up the heart of your bedroom and make it more than just a place to sleep.

Beyond resting against your headboard when sipping on a cup of tea, nestling in with a book or indulging in the latest episode of your favourite show, a headboard allows your greatest comforts.

A bonus for the restless sleepers amongst us, it keeps your pillow beneath your head instead of slipping to the floor. Interior trends are ever-changing, and the practicality of a headboard coupled with its utter appeal continues to revitalise the way they are styled and interpreted.

A headboard adds warmth, it attracts the eye, adding a personal touch to a personal space. Consider your style before you buy, the textiles at play and complementing colours.

The boucle trend reigns supreme and is a cosy addition that maintains a minimalistic look. Plush velvet adds some groove while textile upholstery, plain and textured, delivers an elegant touch. Keep it natural with wood to match other wooden furniture or add some allure with abstract patterns.



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