Heaven scent

Having a signature scent for your home doesn’t need to mean burning candles for hours. Oil diffusers are a popular option for creating a beautiful smelling space, and calming environment.

The beauty of oil diffusers is the variety of scents to choose from. For some diffusers, you can take your pick of essential oil flavours and add a few drops to create an energising and uplifting mood, or a more relaxing and calming atmosphere.

You can even mix and match oils to come up with your very own, unique scent.

Stick diffusers are another option and look pretty on benches and in bathrooms. The scent travels up the sticks and is released into the air, for 24/7 smells filling the room. They are a clean and easy option that require no additional pieces.

Diffusers are the perfect finishing touch to the kitchen, living, bedroom or bathroom, as not only will they guarantee a beautiful, consistent scent but they are also designed to look like a beautiful feature in the room. The options are endless, with different shapes, sizes and materials.

Essential oils promote different moods:

Lavender – to promote calm and relaxation

Orange – for uplifting and positivity

Peppermint – to increase alertness and concentration

Cedarwood – to soothe nervous tension

Grapefruit – for relief from mental fatigue

Ylang ylang – to promote calm and relaxation

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