Harmonious symbiosis: Nutrakawa

Katerina Scott was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, which subsequently saw her undergo a mastectomy.

Thirteen years later, the cancer returned in both lungs and her liver. Given a Stage 4 prognosis, Katerina intensified her research into holistic treatments that would complement her conventional treatments.

“There is a place for natural and conventional medicines to work in harmony,” Katerina says, and by looking to her Māori culture – to Rongoā Māori (traditional Māori healing) – Nutrakawa was born.

Katerina began making her tonic in 2016 from native plants surrounding her home.

Unlike many prescribed medicines, the tonic has no side effects. “It’s great for gut health because it balances the gut, and the gut is where everything comes in. Customers call it gold.” Katerina says her products help people with all kinds of health issues, but she encourages them to consult with their doctor beforehand.

“A doctor’s knowledge is invaluable. I strongly believe the connection between conventional and natural healing is vital to a healthy balance.”

Katerina says the stabilised health she enjoys now is because she has achieved her balance.

“My mission is to help all people who need help. What I’ve been through and where I am now today is amazing.”


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