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Vertical gardens are growing into one of the most popular plant trends, as green-thumbs channel their love of gardening to new heights of creativity. A tonne of easy, budget-friendly options await – we’ve picked out our favourite DIY designs.



  1. Give any small garden, urban courtyard or interior space the undeniable wow factor it deserves with a framed wall planter – the perfect piece of living art!

    These are fairly easy to find but even easier to make, using some simple materials available from your nearest gardening centre and following a tutorial online.Succulents are a popular choice for this design because they grow slowly and demand little water.

  2. Breathe new life into a boring old fence or outdoor wall with a versatile and contemporary pocket planter!Easy to craft using some landscaping material or felt, these hanging planters will spruce up any space.If it’s an edible garden that piques your interest, herbs grow easily in these receptacles and the result is an ornate tapestry of colour, scent and texture.

    Choose one made from recycled materials for greater water retention.

  3. Upcycle all of those tin cans by spray painting them, drilling holes in the bottom and attaching them to your trellis or fence.Alternatively, you can drill a hole in either side of the tin, attach string and hang them wherever you see fit!Fill these funky planters with beautiful flowers, herbs or healing plants.

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