Growing made easy: Intelligro

The spring gardening season is here, and whether you are a keen gardener or a beginner, it is good to have helpful advice from those in the know.

Specialists in the gardening field, such as those at Intelligro. From vege gardens to lawns, indoor plants to outdoor, they can take the guesswork out of gardening for you.

Intelligro supplies products to some of the most recognised local and national organisations in both the nursery and landscape industries. Emphasis is placed on manufacturing top-quality products that really work.

To ensure quality, the company has its own onsite laboratory and continually monitors its products. All its growing media is available bagged and in bulk, and is available instore and online. The team will be at the Home Show to talk to, otherwise visit them in Weedons.

Here are a couple of tips from Intelligro to start your vege garden off:

Germinate seeds indoors in Easigrow pots to avoid losing them to late frosts. When ready, plant them straight in the ground, as the pots are biodegradable.

Raised veggie gardens may need a nutrient boost before planting. Use our Certified Organic Compost, Blood and Bone, and Sheep Pellets.

If starting from scratch, use our Veggie Garden Mix. It has everything you need in it.

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