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The sentiment behind your wedding day is undoubtedly the most important aspect, but let’s be honest here, the bride’s entry is the moment that all in attendance are waiting for with baited breath. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or simply dreaming of your big day, finding the perfect dress is perhaps the biggest decision.



If you are planning your big moment and looking for some guidance on your gown, then look no further. Bridal Fashion Week has just hit the global runways, from Milan to New York and Paris to London and we’re delivering a beautiful overview of the must-have looks for 2019/2020.

One of the biggest trends to hit the runway was capes; the new and improved version of the traditional veil. Now, if this is something you may be into, look for a super elegant lace cape that just covers the shoulders paired with a long lace train; it is sure to give the allusion you are floating down the aisle.

One of the new – and most controversial – trends to catch the eye and imaginations of brides-to-be globally, is a touch of colour in the gown. While some designers are adding pastel tones like a soft pink or serene baby blue, others are going bold, adding red, deep purples and even yellow into the mix, perfect for the outgoing bride. Not feeling that brave? Keep the bold look for a second dress to slip into for the reception.

A new trend which is increasingly popular with the modern day bride is the ‘nude tattoo’; a white or nude tulle embellished lace which sits on the skin effortlessly, giving off a sophisticated, ‘tattoo’ effect. Another trend which ties in incredibly well to the nude tattoo trend is sleeves. Long, fitted, lace sleeves are ideal for early spring or late summer weddings when the breeze is still on the brisk side.

Exaggerated volumes and 1920’s inspo are definitely for the brides who aren’t scared to stand out. Whether it is the fringes, low waist, sequined look of the decade, or the flounces and multi-tiered tulle skirts that will have you feeling like a princess, adding a satin sash, a precious belt or even a brooch will help enhance your waistline. Any bride wearing these is bound to have fun on her wedding night.

With boho bridal on its way out, designers have stepped up the glam factor – and we’re not just talking layered skirts, ruffles and embellishments. Feathered frocks, plush details and plummage are taking to the aisle – after all, 2019 is all about the dramatic, the theatrical and the grand.

Lastly, if dresses or big puffy gowns are not your thing, one of the hottest tips to emerge from Fashion Week was co-ordinates; a skirt and top or even a suit eschews the classic design of the wedding dress and allows you to make a bold statement that will catch everyone’s eye – and attention.



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