gin gin’s simple delights

With warmer weather arriving, and longer, lighter evenings upon us, gin gin is in the full swing of spring.

More than just a dining experience, the restaurant and bar has established itself as a destination offering exquisite food and drinks, and an atmosphere like no other.

Their focus on local, fresh and refined food shines in the new spring menus, which continue to evolve and refresh as more produce comes into season.

Celebrating food in an understated way is at the core of gin gin’s offering, and by sourcing as much produce locally as possible, the dishes work to celebrate the delicious ingredients in their most natural form.

Behind the bar, inspiration is always flowing. The classics menu takes a tried and true cocktail and gives it a gin gin spin. Bar manager Martyn says one of his favourites is The Charlie Chaplin. They take a cocktail that has stood the test of time, and apply an amazing New Zealand product to it, the Curiosity New Zealand Sloe Gin, which gives it a whole new life.

Outside seating is perfect for the upcoming long, warm evenings and the unique location on eclectic New Regent Street makes for a very special dining experience. | Instagram: ginginchristchurch

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