Get the boot: Merrell

Many mothers know how bone chilling it can be standing on a sports ground sideline with dampness working its way through the soles of their footwear. They crave warm feet instead.



Welcome to the world of Merrell’s winter boot range for women. These are boots especially designed for chilly weather so you will stay dry and toasty warm. Most of Merrell winter boots are waterproof, many of them are also insulated (the Tremblant range has 200 grams of lightweight insulation), while the Sugarbush range even has an ice grip sole – perfect for the early school run on frosty mornings.

The even better thing about Merrell’s boots is that not only are they functional and comfortable, but they are also fashionable, enabling you to step out this winter in both style and confidence. This combination is no accident. Merrell has gone to great lengths to ensure that form, feel and functionality all come together seamlessly.

It was over three decades ago that Randy Merrell began designing and manufacturing handmade custom boots for a small group of outdoor enthusiasts. Since then the company has come a long way – a journey that has helped shape their products into the comfortable, durable and versatile boots of today.

Merrell is located on the first floor of Westfield Riccarton Mall. They have all their own brand of winter gear in stock now as well as a comprehensive range of Patagonia clothing. See for more product information – all you really need for your next adventure or for that sideline vigil.


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