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Interior plaster walls are fast becoming the preferred choice for high-end home owners, instead of paint and wallpaper.

Concrete is in vogue at the moment, from walls to floors, it adds a touch of class to any room.
Actual concrete can be difficult to work with, and costly, but there is an alternative – Cerano. This specially formulated material achieves a smooth finish while giving the appearance of concrete, and works well with colour, too.

Red Rock Plastering love the trend and are experts in executing it. They say the eco-friendly product gives a better sound barrier compared to GIB and does not support the growth of mould.

“It’s ideal for creating the on-trend concrete look, and you can play with it,” says Jenna Toailoa at Red Rock. “You can add lines or your own design into it. We have a wall of it at our office and we’ve got a pink Cerano wall with black lines.”

The beautiful and unique finish is popular in bedrooms, offices, and entrance ways. It’s durable and flexible, standing the test of time.

If you’re looking for an interior refresh, are building something new, or are after commercial plastering services, look no further than the team at Red Rock Plastering – they offer no-obligation quotes to meet your project needs and budget.

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