Get in the garden

September is a time to spring clean the garden as well as the house.

Sunshine and showers bring new life, growth and tasks in flower and vegetable gardens, so break out the tools, the seeds and the secateurs. This month and next are ideal times to start feeding lawns, re-pot container plants, plant seeds and seedlings, and also to clean fish ponds, pathways and outdoor structures.

Here are some suggestions from Metropol:

  • Feed lawns with a slow release or organic fertiliser.
  • Plant tubers and corms such as dahlias and gladioli.
  • Prune flowering shrubs such as camellia, Michelia and magnolia when they have finished blooming.
  • Re-pot container plants, using a good quality potting mix.
  • Remember to wear protective masks and gloves when using potting mix and compost to avoid inhaling airborne particles.

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