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We’re all for looking good when working out and, as ‘athleisure’ becomes more and more trendy, activewear that’s both functional and fashionable is skyrocketing into the sartorial stratosphere. We’ve checked out the latest in luxe gym gear that’s sure to have you sweating in style.



Girly-girls rejoice as feminine florals take the front seat… Be the prettiest yogini in the studio thanks to the dusky pink, tropical green, baby blue and pretty white floral/faunal designs that are making their way into gym-gear trends. Tomboys never fear, monochrome flower patterns are also blooming and, with graphic and abstract prints among the styles, there’s something to suit all tastes.

Speaking of patterns, leopard print and snakeskin have also slithered their way into the activewear arena, as we see the familiar pattern leaping its way onto tank tops, short, sports bras and leggings. Matching sets are forever stylish – we’re certain a leopard print fit-out will have fashion-savvy gym-goers feeling extra fierce.

Pulled from the depths of the 80s, bike shorts are back in full force. This season’s modernised, longer styles are surprisingly super-duper flattering on the body, and a ton of patterns are out there vying for your attention.

As we become increasingly aware of fast-fashion’s environmental impact, sustainable sportswear is also on the rise. Brands using eco-conscious materials such as sustainably-sourced merino wool and recycled polyester made from plastic are proving to be on-trend in 2019.


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