Furry friends: Newflands

Covid-19 proved to us the importance of our pets. Now it’s time to give back.

Photos by Raymond Sagapolutele

Just like we take our supplements, Newflands is the precision-harvested, sustainable pet supplement brand giving our furry friends a better life.

Newflands was “born out of the passion and love” for her dogs, but qualified vet nurse and owner Fiona Robertson’s mission wasn’t just to improve the quality of life for her pets.

“I really wanted sustainability at the forefront. If I was doing this I was going to do it properly.” So, Newflands became New Zealand’s first sustainably, ethically and locally produced pet supplement brand and the first hoki oil supplements on the New Zealand market.

Newflands supplements increase the life of cells and tear production, support the immune system and reduce symptoms of arthritis for your pet, all while protecting the environment.

Hoki oil provides the extra omegas our pets need that are not found in normal food.

Shop online or call Fiona direct at 027 288 5358 for your nearest stockist.


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