From the editor: 26 May 2022

Yeah nah!

Last week’s Budget injected the biggest government spend in New Zealand’s history into the economy, but is it enough?

Reality is that the pie is only so big, and there is never enough to go around all the needy. Some of the new initiatives will help business, however, much more will be needed to boost Canterbury’s (and New Zealand’s) long-term economic recovery. The new $100m Business Growth Fund is a shot in the arm for small and medium-sized businesses, yet again there is only so much cash to go around.

The same goes for the health funding, and helping with increased living costs. Some win, many others lose. Funding for eight Industry Transformation Plans will help improve productivity and performance of key sectors in Canterbury – including advanced manufacturers, agritech and construction.

Extending support for apprenticeships will alleviate some of the pressure that businesses are facing with severe skill shortages. However despite these financial injections some businesses will still struggle to find skilled staff, the cost of living will remain too high for many and crippling business costs will continue to impact the economy.

Recent times have necessitated digging deep, changing course and looking at how to work and live smarter. It’s not over yet so hang in there. Seek help if you need to and take advantage of all that is on offer. Kia kaha!

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