From the editor: 14 April 2022

Happy together

Everybody loves a wedding and once a year Metropol wraps the local marriage scene up in ribbon and tulle and delivers it to our readers in one amazing package. This is it, our annual wedding issue which is packed full of people, places and present ideas; everything essential for your wedding.

Whether you’re planning your wedding, that of a son, daughter or friend, attending as a guest, or simply day-dreaming of a Prince Charming, we hope you’ll gain inspiration from the following pages.

No two weddings are ever the same, but the commitment two people share when exchanging vows is heartfelt. “Where there is love there is life,” said Mahatma Gandhi, and all these decades later it still rings true.

The last couple of years have proven problematic for some couples wanting to tie the knot, but many have found creative ways to walk down the aisle and share their nuptials. Compromise has been the order of the day for frequent marriages of late and it’s a good way to start. Relationships, especially marriages, are usually built on compromise, mutual respect and faith in each other’s abilities to handle situations that arise. Or, as my husband and I do, agree to disagree from time to time.

Weddings are not just for the bride, groom, families and guests. Many businesses help to create those special days, and in this issue we showcase some of them.

Marriage is all about love, and we love supporting local just as you do. Read on and enjoy.

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