Friar Grey outdoor dining: RESENE

The backyard barbeque get together is a quintessential Kiwi tradition, so why not take your garden or courtyard to the next level with a splash of vibrant Resene paint?

Gone are the days of the backyard being a single slab of grass for the kids to play on. We now see our garden as an extension of the home, bringing our colour scheme outdoors and giving our outside spaces a sprinkle of personality.

For a breezy, beachy look, paint an accent feature or screen in Resene Duck Egg Blue or lighter Resene Bluetooth. Pair it with bright white décor, including plant pots in Resene Black White to achieve a relaxed Hamptons vibe. If you’re after a more feminine touch, simply swap out the blue screen and pots for smoky lilac hues such as Resene Mamba or Resene Juniper. Continue the theme by introducing colourful plants like lavender or rosemary for a delicate touch.

Accentuate the natural elements of your outdoor space by staining your shelves in a Resene Colorwood wood stain. With a variety of hues and strengths, Resene Colorwood will protect your timber furnishings and give them a sophisticated update while still retaining the natural beauty of the grain.

If you are looking for a stain for your deck or timber flooring in your courtyard, check out Resene’s colourful range of Resene Woodsman stains.

For a bold courtyard that packs a punch, consider a more vibrant range of Resene colours. Paint your courtyard walls in a deep green, such as Resene Forest Green or Resene Mangrove. Sophisticated and ochre-based, these greens are sure to turn your courtyard into a statement piece.

The green hues, reminiscent of forest scenes, will create an added connection to nature, while the darker tone will give a feeling of depth to the space, perfect for those smaller courtyards or balconies. Textures such as rattan, rugs and wooden shelves can be incredibly effective and will add life to the space.


Wall in Resene Quarter Friar Greystone, Floor in Resene Triple Friar Greystone, Trellises in Resene Friar Greystone and Resene Gunsmoke, Table in Resene Gunsmoke (base) and Resene Delta (top), Bench in Resene Gunsmoke (base) and Resene Delta (seat), Bentwood chairs in Resene Gunsmoke (base and backs) and Resene Delta (seat), Large and Small planters in Resene Abbey Road, Resene Mamba, Resene Juniper and Resene Conch.


Lavender, pansies and purple kale from Kings Plant Barn, Grasses, vine-covered screen, cane basket is stylist’s own.

Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop,

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