Framed for summer sun: Anstice Optometrists

Are you set for summer holidays?

There is nothing like a new pair of sunnies to lift the mood and invite you to spend more time outdoors. And if you need a little bit of support, prescription sunglasses are a great way to feel confident in the sunshine. Increased global awareness around the need for UV protection is driven by people becoming more knowledgeable about myopia (short sightedness), cataracts and glaucoma, and the importance of healthy eyesight.

The team at Anstice Optometrists are ready to help you find your best look and outdoor protection for the warm weather on its way. “Having fun with brand, design, and colour is the way to go,” says Whitney Power, from Anstice Optometrists.

Whether it’s the latest oversized frame like the Jackie OHH (Ray-ban), white cat eye (Barbie’s pick from Prada), more utility (Oakley Whisker), or the classic Top Gun Aviator, there is always a frame waiting to go on an adventurous journey with you.

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