Forward thinking architecture: Boutique Architecture

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit New Zealand in mid-2020, Alan and Jordy Mayne decided to take matters into their own hands and established their company Boutique Architecture.

Their forward-thinking paid off. Specialising in unique meticulously crafted architecture, Boutique Architecture is committed to providing one-off homes that are specific to individual client’s sites and lifestyles.

The key players in the business are husband and wife duo, Alan and Jordy. Alan has been in architecture since 2011. When the earthquakes hit Christchurch that same year, Alan knew that if this was a career path that he wanted to succeed in, he would have to evolve with the city. His wife Jordy has a high-performance sports background which helps add into the methodology that the building process is a true team effort. Close client connection, relaxed natural light, comfort and quality are the hallmarks of their designs.

“We have been incredibly fortunate that the market has remained busy and to have fantastic clients that chose us to be a part of their building adventure,” says Alan.

The largest point of difference is that Boutique Architecture provides high quality and crisp 3D renders and movie walkthroughs. They don’t expect everyone to be able to read floor plans that can sometimes seem complicated to clients and have found that providing movies for them takes out a lot of the guesswork. They know that a Monday to Friday 9-5 operation doesn’t work for everyone, so they make themselves available whenever their clients are.

What’s next for Alan and Jordy in 2022? They have had a range of renovations and new builds and are excited to share some stunning photos of their completed projects soon.

“It’s extremely humbling to work with our amazing clients and create their dream homes,” Alan states. “Whilst we create our clients’ vision, we have great relationships with some fantastic engineers and builders who put the pieces of the puzzle together.”

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