Fire away

As small and tiny homes increase in popularity, so too does the demand for more compact fireplaces.

From heating to cooking ranges, fire place designs have become taller, slimmer, and in some cases squatter in shape, while retaining the same basic functions. Slim fireplaces and cooking stoves find homes in garages, caravans, man caves, and she sheds, also ranging from tiny 3-4kW log burners which typically have a width of 30-40cm and a height of 40-50cm, and varying depths. One of the smallest woodburners in New Zealand is the Pyroclassic Mini, weighing in at just 100kg.

The Little Cracker – Woody is another small option, a compact solid fuel heater, designed specifically for campervans, caravans, boats, garages, back country huts, and tiny homes.
Many modern pellet fires are also slimline, and not just for small spaces. In recent times, outdoor rooms have become part of many New Zealand homes, with outdoor fireplaces for heating and cooling. Whatever placement you’re considering, there are plenty of options.


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