Finer Details

Finer Details

Want to cover yourself in dainty gold jewelry without breaking the bank? Enter demi-fine jewelry, an emerging jewelry trend with a loyal following of trendy ladies such as Meghan Markle, Cindy Crawford and Margot Robbie.


Finer Details
Image provided by: Sit & Wonder Jewellery


While both costume jewelry and fine jewelry have their place on every woman’s duchess, the former may lack quality and is likely to last a matter of months, while the latter isn’t exactly budget friendly. Bridging the gap between the two, demi-fine jewelry offers contemporary styles crafted from quality materials such as gold-plated silver and semi-precious gemstones – minus the outrageous price tag that comes with luxury pieces. Far from a fleeting trend, demi-fine jewelry has become the go-to for trendsetters and Insta-influencers.

Shells, chains and cute charms – demi-fine jewelry doesn’t have a limit. Accompany your attire with a glittering stack of thin friendship-style bracelets or grace your fingers with delicate bands embedded with semi-precious stones. Pearls are also in this year, so you could opt for a simple gold chain – or several – studded with them or, for a simple look, grace your lobes with a pair of drop earrings like the Poppy Finch Long Pearl Threader Earrings from Nordstrom.

Wearable, affordable and beautiful, we adore this trend; it speaks of class and elegance, while being kind to your bank account.



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