Eyes on the fries: Makikihi Fries

Kiwis love their hot chips. From a classic fish and chip dinner to a late-night hot chip run, they are a staple across New Zealand.

Consumers and businesses are always on the hunt for the perfect crunch and salty flavour to top the lists and satisfy that inevitable craving.

The team at Canterbury’s Makikihi Fries explain that the perfect french fry is made with “quality golden potatoes that make a nice crispy exterior while still fluffy on the inside.” And, they think they have mastered it, providing a range of quality, snap-frozen fries.

Using minimal, high quality and gluten-free ingredients, Makikihi Fries has had a commitment to “keeping things simple” for over 40 years in business. Their famous Agria potatoes grown here in Canterbury are hand sorted and tested for quality before being par fried in beef tallow to provide great taste and that golden, crispy finish like no other New Zealand manufacturer.

Bring the “home of the golden fries,” into your kitchen, with Makikihi Fries, available at most wholesale and supermarket distributors.


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