Exciting business expansions: Dentures Plus

Christchurch’s satellite towns have grown so fast that to keep up with rising populations, and demands, facilities have had to grow apace.

Kaiapoi, once considered a quiet retirement town on the outskirts of Christchurch, no longer fits that description. It is now a bustling, vibrant place that an increasing number of people call home.

Dentures Plus recognised there was a need to extend its Christchurch presence and opened a second clinic in Kaiapoi, in March 2022.
Owner and Clinician Ryan Carlton is committed to providing the town and district with a quality dentures service.

“We are the only full-time dentures clinic in the region. We are really happy with the business expansion, as clients no longer have to travel into Christchurch to our St Albans clinic. Here [Kaiapoi] is an easy and very accessible location.”

There are many reasons people seek new dentures, from loss of dentures during a bout of illness through to dentures no longer fitting well or looking as good as they used to.

Ryan and the team also do repairs on emergency denture breaks of both full and partial dentures. The Dentures Plus labs
are open Monday to Friday, and their website gives more information about the Kaiapoi clinic.


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