The Flock

Ethics Exquisite: The Flock

Paramount to Melody Leveridge, owner of The Flock (shop 7, The Tannery) is that her organic, primarily New Zealand made merchandise has origins of traceability, sustainability, purity and fair-trade certification.


The Flock


“Ethics is our core philosophy, but we pride ourselves on our service, which includes premium giftware, laybys and exchanges.”
With labels like Elk, Kowtow, Status Anxiety, From, Anoint, and Ingrid Starnes, customers know that here is clothing, jewellery, leatherware and homeware that are truly investment pieces.

Melody cites ceramic artist Tatyanna Meharry (whose grandmother was NZ artist and potter Doris Lusk) as an example. “Tatyanna and her sister have twice won the World of Wearable Art (WOW) Supreme award. We’re thrilled to have Tatyanna’s works here!” For your favourite man there’s a superb selection of Stanley flasks and Opinel knives; add in a tub of Triumph and Disaster shaving cream for his Christmas stocking and he’ll be stoked.




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