Espresso yourself: Coffee Worx

Coffee taste preference is intensely personal, but a great tasting coffee has the power to change your day.

Owner of Coffee Worx, a Christchurch based roasting and supply company, Deb Riach says “coffee is an emotional product”.
“There is a mystery about it, an alchemy that brings an uplift to people when quality espresso is well produced and full of intensity.”
Deb has a passion to ensure at-home coffee drinkers receive as much genuine enjoyment from a cup of coffee as they do from a café-made coffee. She believes using fresh-roasted, high quality coffee beans makes all the difference.

At Coffee Worx in Wigram, you can purchase their premium coffee blends, and chat with staff over some fresh cabinet food about your coffee needs. Of the seven blends available, five have won New Zealand Coffee Awards.

Always gratified to answer coffee queries, Deb finds her customers are often eager to learn. “They want to know which grind they should use, which equipment is best, or how it should be prepared.

We gain immense satisfaction from helping them to enjoy coffee in the way that makes them uniquely happy.”  The funky Coffee Worx Espresso bar, located at 60 Hayton Road, Sockburn is open Monday to Friday 6.30am – 2.30pm, or check online for coffee making tips.

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