Enjoy an artistic Easter surprise: Windsor Gallery

This Easter may be the most memorable yet for art lovers seeking something beautiful and bold to grace their homes.

Windsor Gallery launches its Open Weekend on 9-10 April with over 100 artworks, including large abstracts, from the cream of Aotearoa’s artists, sculptors, and photographers.

The 25 artists exhibiting features names such as Matthew Williams, Anneke Bester, Mike Glover, Tut Blumental, Bruce Mortimer, Diana Peel, Kees Bruin, Andris Apse, Svetlana Orinko and Gillie and Marc.

Picture an Easter like no other – feet up on the ottoman, heavenly music playing, a basket of goodies beside you, and before you, that stunning new artwork to feast the eyes.

386 St Asaph Street, Christchurch. Phone 03 366 0724.


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