Endometriosis research

People living with endometriosis may soon be able to use natural products to manage symptoms, thanks to a University of Canterbury (UC) student.

Monique Lau, currently studying Chemical Formulation Design, has created creams, balm sticks and teas to provide relief from cramps and severe endometriosis pain. Her EndoSoothe range uses natural products with anti-inflammatory properties such as ginger root oil, clary sage oil, yarrow and cypress leaf oil.

Monique first created these as part of her third-year project after trawling through scientific articles looking for potential ingredients. She hopes EndoSoothe will be able to empower women while increasing awareness of the condition.

For Monique, this mission is personal. She began suffering from endometriosis symptoms at 14, but it took seven years for her to be diagnosed. She eventually had surgery in May 2022, and though her symptoms have improved since then, she still has ongoing issues.
“I want to help other women living with the effects of endometriosis and create an easy-to-use, accessible product that uses natural ingredients and doesn’t cause side effects,” she says.

Monique hopes to sell her products in New Zealand stores by mid-August 2023.

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