Empowering women’s financial journeys: phwealth

When it comes to finances, security and confidence is key for women to thrive.

The 2021 Financial Services Council research showed more than 60% of women worry about money daily, weekly or monthly, and more than 70% feel that financial wellbeing has some or a major influence upon their overall wellbeing.
Additionally 62% felt they were insufficiently prepared for retirement, more than 80% rated their financial wellbeing moderate, or below, and 60% of women rated their investing literacy low, compared to 40% of men.

Statistics such as these, strike a chord with phwealth’s newest team-member, Unicia Veer. An Associate Adviser, Unicia has a background as a Chartered Accountant, and a Financial Capability Facilitator for the Te Ara Ahunga Ora – Retirement Commission.

“Research shows that confidence is a key factor in closing the financial gap between women and men,” says Unicia. Warwick Business School (UK) found women outperform men at investing by 1.8% per annum.

“Women want to know they are on track to achieving their financial goals, and are not as reactive as men who try to ‘win’ with frequent changes,” says phwealth financial advisor Shiree Hembrow. Unicia and Shiree have a shared passion for empowering women in particular, on their financial journey through life. “Having a written personal financial plan helps women build financial confidence by mapping out what they want to achieve in life. Come and talk to us,” says Shiree.


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