Editor’s perspective: Teething troubles

Any major new event is not without its share of teething problems, and that appears to be the case for the inaugural ITM New Zealand Sail Grand Prix held earlier in March on Lyttelton Harbour.

As was to be expected, there were a few complaints from some residents, and some attendees, but isn’t that always the case? Minorities are usually very vocal, that’s how they air their dissatisfaction, yet that doesn’t mean that the event was a failure.
Quite the contrary, it was a huge success, and a tribute to all those involved in its planning and execution.
Thousands flocked to both the Lyttelton Harbour venue and central Christchurch to watch the racing live on the big screen, the vast majority enjoying the event.

The next such event in Canterbury is two years away, alternating biennially with Auckland, which leaves plenty of time to tweak it.
Another important event this month was the 2023 Census. There’s still time to stand up and be counted if you didn’t fill it in on 7 March, with Stats NZ census collectors out in communities until 4 May to help.

While some questions may not appear to be relevant to individuals, the information gathered helps to ensure
better decisions are made on things such as providing hospitals, schools, public transport, and roading infrastructure. Now’s your chance, so have your say.
We’re heading into the cold season now, so you’ll be able to tuck up more indoors, enjoying the warmth, and the latest issue of Metropol.

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