Editor’s Note: Edmund who?

I recently overheard a conversation revolving around a notable piece of street art in the Christchurch CBD.

Metropol Editor, Lynda Papesch

“Who is that,” the young woman asked her sister, pointing to an artistic rendition of mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary.

“No idea,” came the reply. Their mother chimed in with, “Isn’t that the hill man on the $5 note?”

“No idea,” same the reply.

“We don’t use cash anymore. What does a $5 note look like?”

Discussion continued about who featured on other New Zealand bank notes, and it soon became obvious that many of our younger generations never see or use cash, and have no idea which of the country’s heroes feature on our banknotes.

With moves afoot for businesses and banks to become even more digital, soon the older generations may also be seeing less of the $5 note, or any others, which will be
a shame.

Being featured on a Kiwi banknote is a tribute to the achievements and people who’ve helped make this country great, and often a lesson in our history.

Sir Edmund Hillary certainly scaled a magnificent “hill” in his day, and now it seems others will have their own mountains to climb, getting to grips with not having loose change for a cup of coffee, to donate to buskers, or charitable causes.

For me, one downside is the bank (and Big Brother) tracking every cent you spend; and potentially using it to deny mortgages and loans. It has happened already.

Fortunately for me and all our readers, Metropol magazine doesn’t cost a cent so sit down, relax and enjoy the read.

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