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The news is out. Christchurch is (arguably) the best city in New Zealand to live, work, and to play in, and visit.

All sorts of people call the city home, and among them is television and radio presenter Jack Tame. Earlier this month he took to the airwaves, on NewstalkZB to tell the country that in his opinion, for the first time since 2010, his beloved city is now better than it was before the earthquakes.
Jack was on a visit to his home city, running around Hagley Park, when he had this light bulb moment. A Cantabrian at heart, he says emphatically that Ōtautahi has crossed a threshold, and although it’s good now, it can evolve to be better.
For Jack it is a myriad of changes, including progress on the Cathedral,  Te Pae Convention Centre, Tūranga library, the good food, cheaper housing than Auckland, the influx of young people, and the emerging shape and energy of the city.
Like many Cantabrians, he’s under no illusion that more hard work is ahead. Also like many of us, Jack  believes that with continuing good leadership and planning, the city will rise to greater heights, especially with the projects such as Te Kaha.
I’m with Jack on that. As he says, “Christchurch has energy. Christchurch has mojo. Christchurch is better than ever.”
Ōtautahi has been my home for more than two years now, and even in that short time there have been many exciting changes, driven by people who are also true believers. Debate is essential for progress, and so too is Christchurch’s continuing evolution. Become a believer in our city.

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