Dreaming of a new home: Lin Ma, Harcourts

Holidays spent relaxing in a different location, or the same setting wishing for something new, often inspire thoughts of selling and buying.

Your biggest asset, it’s naturally scary to put a home on the market and be in the best position to do so. Each element of the selling or buying process can create worry, especially tackling it on your own.

21 Amoka Cres, Parklands

Lin Ma and Jane Fennell of the Harcourts Grenadier Wigram office, are the people to have by your side. With their large team, they’re fostering connections between an immense database of buyers and sellers to create optimal outcomes for all. “We go in as a team,” Jane explains. Lin loves to do business, while Jane takes care of the communication as needed to build comfortable relationships. Together, it’s a flawless match.

Jane Fennell and Lin Ma

Read on for Lin and Jane’s advice on what to prepare for and how their team can combat these stressors, so you can fulfil your dream of a happy home.

Subject to sale: Putting an offer in that’s subject to sale, where your offer for a new home depends on the sale of your current home, is completely normal, and expected.
It is easy to handle when you have the right team.

How can Harcourts help? Preparing your home to be market-ready, styling each room so you don’t have to, and extraordinary communication with the seller are just three benefits of their combined, expansive skill set. This speeds up the process, getting buyers and their offers in fast. Jane says, “It is difficult, but we can prepare your home to flow into a quick sale,” to reduce stress.

Speed and price: History and experience show that the longer a property sits on the market, buyers worry something is wrong, sellers reach higher stress levels, and it’s less likely the house will achieve a premium price. Having the right team helping is crucial, assisting with selling options, and marketing to attract the right buyer, and best price.

How can Harcourts help? With a database that spans many local and international buyers, Lin and Jane can easily connect with potential buyers waiting for the right home. Often, a sale will only go through their database, making sales incredibly quick. Plus, the team is constantly observing the market to ensure the best price for each client.

36 Blakes Rd, Prebbleton

Make housing dreams a reality, contact Lin on 027 511 7788.

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