Do I have hearing loss?: Hear Again

Hearing loss is very common, but often occurs very gradually so you might not be fully aware of it.

Below are some useful questions to help determine whether you’re experiencing some hearing loss.

Does it sound like people around you are mumbling or speaking quietly?
Are you needing the TV volume louder than others find comfortable?
Is it increasingly difficult or frustrating to follow a conversation in noisy places?
Are you frequently asking friends, colleagues or loved ones to repeat themselves?
Are you experiencing ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears?

If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, it is time to have your hearing tested.
The owners of Hear Again clinics, Steve and Samantha Foster are passionate about hearing and have helped improve the hearing of over 20,000 people since opening their doors in 2014.

“We at Hear Again share a common vision of improving quality of life through better hearing, taking great pride in knowing that over half of our client visits are a direct result of existing client recommendations,” offers Operations Director Samantha.

Our compassionate team provide a free hearing check and a six week no-risk trial of hearing aids (if you need them), ensuring you get a long term hearing solution that’s perfect for your specific needs.”

“Hearing enriches our everyday experiences with the people around us, be it for work or pleasure, and alerting us to danger,” explains Clinical Director Steve. “It is only when this begins to fail that we realise how much we rely on it.”

“Hearing loss can occur suddenly, which is often unsettling,” explains Steve. “One common loss is due to ear-wax build up. Our clinic nurses can remove this (or any other ear blockage) quickly and comfortably, using the latest micro-suction techniques from our unique ear-health suite at The Hub in Hornby.”

Hearing aids “When hearing loss occurs over prolonged periods, you could benefit from the provision of hearing aids,”
says Samantha.

“This is a very personal matter, one made easier these days with advancements in convenient rechargeability functions, wireless
cell-phone connections and aesthetically discreet devices.

“Clients are amazed at the simplicity of the fitting process and quickly forget their aids are even there,” she adds.
“Hearing loss has been linked to the onset of cognitive decline, and early dementia,” explains Steve, “encouragingly, clear evidence to date shows that utilising hearing aids can prevent and even reverse this process.”

Empower yourself today.
Call 03 974 1658 for your free hearing test or email

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