Pete Evans

Dishing the drama: Q&A with Pete Evans

Pete Evans has been cooking his way around Australia – and in fact, the world – since the age of 19, before being thrust into the global spotlight 10 years ago when he and Manu Feildel started dishing the drama on
My Kitchen Rules.


Pete Evans


Known affectionately as Paleo Pete, the Australian chef, author and television personality most recently headed the award-winning documentary film The Magic Pill which shows the impact food can have on people’s health, now streaming globally on Netflix.

While he’s courted controversy for his mission to cheerlead the caveman diet into the mainstream, at the heart of Pete’s philosophy is a desire to encourage others to embrace a happier and healthier lifestyle.
We caught up with Pete about his food and life philosophies.


What are some of your favourite healthy recipes?
I can’t go past simple ingredients such as seafood and meat and then team them with some organic vegetables either in a soup, a roast, a barbecue, salad or a curry.


How would you sum up your food philosophy?
Simple and nourishing.


What are some of the key things you do to keep healthy and well during the year?
Mainly a species specific diet is key for optimal health. I also focus on emotional wellbeing and removing negative patterns and beliefs and creating greater awareness about self. Being so motivated and successful, how do you prevent yourself from burning out? I live a very simple life – love of self and others, great connection with other people, simple diet and living in alignment with what it means to be human.


What attracted you to cooking?
It was a life skill that I believe everyone should have the ability to learn.


What are you looking forward to in the tenth season of My Kitchen Rules?
Some more great cooking and entertainment.


Why do you think people have connected so strongly with you and what you do?
Truth always resonates with people and I always speak my truth and then it is up to someone how they interpret that for themselves.


What is the most fulfilling or enjoyable aspect of what you do?
I would say living each day to the fullest in the moment and expressing myself creatively and having loving relationships is very fulfilling.


What do the next 12 months have in store for you?
More breathing, more sleeping, more eating, more loving, more learning, more teaching, more movement, more play and more fun!



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