Dentistry’s holy grail: OrthodontiX

The capabilities of 3D printing continue to amaze users of the technology, especially in its advancement of human experience, including health.

One area which direct 3D printing has made a significant impact is dentistry.

The latest in-house technology at OrthodontiX is the Luxcreo iLux Pro Dental, a cutting-edge direct 3D printer which produces clear aligners. Specialist orthodontist Dr Ronald Sluiter says this technology’s astounding feature is that the aligner can be delivered and fitted on the same day, instead of waiting weeks.

“A patient can receive their aligner in two to three hours from the initial scan, so they can then begin their treatment that same day, resulting in shorter treatment plans, fewer visits, and less chairside time.”

Compared to other methods of producing aligners, such as the conventional thermoformed process, the direct 3D printer has little to no waste, and reduces error, steps of work, labour, and inaccuracies.

Because of the high degree of accuracy and customisation requirements, digital technology and 3D printing techniques are fast becoming the preferred pathway for producing dental appliances.
OrthodontiX regard 3D printing as the holy grail of printing for the proven ability to create accurate, reproducible, and aesthetically pleasing clear aligners.

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