Dedicated to skin safety: Colour Me Safe

What began as a start-up is now a recognised beacon of innovation in the heart of Canterbury.

W ithin a year, it has evolved into an essential safety solution for hair and beauty salons and their valued clientele.
Beyond its patented packaging, Colour Me Safe has pioneered a technology platform dedicated to ensuring a future in which skin safety is never compromised.

“We are committed to tailoring skincare solutions that meet your individual needs. Our ambition is to prevent avoidable severe allergic reactions to hair, beauty, and skincare products,” owner Lisa Steele says.

A simple and efficient patch test on the inner arm, which is then uploaded to a user-friendly allergy tracking portal, empowers the client to take control of preventing serious harm to their skin.

Access the website and use the ‘consumer’ button to try before buying. This ensures the client never has to compromise on a product that doesn’t meet their skin’s unique needs.

“With us, you’re not just a customer – you’re a partner on a journey toward safety, satisfaction, and self-assured confidence.
Our mission is to ensure safety and confidence is accessible to everyone.”

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