Customer Obligations

Customer Obligations

You have made the decision to build or remodel your home and, while we’re all generally well aware of the fact that there are obligations on the part of the contractor, it turns out there are actually obligations on the part of the customer, also.


Customer Obligations


Jenafor Rollins looks at how to have a positive relationship with your contractor, offering some top tips to make your building experience as carefree as possible.


Interview more than one contractor
Who do you connect with the best? That is your answer and yours alone.


Clear Picture
Clearly state what you want and any details. You are the one who has hired someone for a job. Be clear in what your goal is, how you see it in your mind and the finished product. There will always be small changes during production as that is the creative process, but the vision is what everyone starts with. While the person providing the services has responsibilities as a contractor to act in the client’s best interests, it’s also the client’s responsibility to make their brief clear.


Your construction project can go smoothly, but integral to this is communication and that is critical on both sides. As mindreading has not become a natural skill for humans and a contractor cannot read your mind, subtle hints do not suffice. If you have a concern, a question or a comment, talk to your contractor, so you can move to the same page.

Most people are people pleasers and, when it comes to your contractor, this is their profession. You have their professional livelihood in your hands, so it’s integral that you provide clear, concise feedback to ensure that they can meet your expectations.

As you communicate, it is valuable to come to a clear understanding. One of the best things to do after any conversation is to each have a closing sentence, “Now, what I am hearing is…” They will respond with their interpretation and whether any corrections in your interpretation need to be made.


Get everything in writing
Contracts are the legal and final word in a court of law and outline what both parties are expecting.



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