Custom coats for precious pups: Ruffles Petwear

The winter blues aren’t just for humans.

A cosy coat for your dog is the best way to keep them warm all winter.

Ruffles Petwear is expert when it comes to premium dog coats, with a range of stylish patterns and colours to suit every personality of pooch.

Offering custom, made-to-measure coats means getting the perfect fit whatever size your dog. This ensures maximum comfort and functionality. The wool coats are made from repurposed materials, as sustainability is a core value of the small business.

This also ensures high-quality and a product that will last the test of time.

Ruffles Petwear is proudly family-run, and everything is lovingly handmade right here in New Zealand. It is the ultimate ‘slow fashion’ for pets, making your purchase something to feel good about. And your spoilt pup will definitely agree.

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