Cust is calling: Route 72 Café Bar Emporium

When heading out to the country for a day’s respite from the city, the trip is that much more memorable when the place you have in mind to visit is a renowned destination stop.

Amere 35-minute drive from Christchurch, in the picturesque village of Cust, is a business that holds a wealth of early settler history behind it – with over one hundred years of shopkeepers plying their trade from this address.

Route 72 Café Bar Emporium may be on the market, but owners Annette and Steve Thomson say until the “sold” sign goes up, this boutique gift store and cafe remains a fabulous excursion.

After 30 years owning and operating the business, Annette says they are looking forward to retirement.

“There are no guarantees things will stay exactly the same, so while they still can, people should come out and enjoy everything that has made the name above the door renowned throughout Canterbury and beyond.”

From its award winning cafe to its Emporium quality homeware, lighting, jewellery, possum and merino garments, pure cotton clothing, and Aotearoa giftware, no wonder Route 72 Café has achieved such an enviable iconic status.

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