Creative use of colour recognised

In Resene’s 75th year, it seems fitting that the latest Resene Total Colour Awards have been a true celebration of all things colour. From neutral to bright, pastel to weathered, each winner’s palette is distinctively unique in hue – yet all share an excellence in colour selection.

It was captivating colour which beautifully complements its classical architecture that won Christchurch’s Public Trust Building the top colour award for 2021. The project was bestowed both the Resene Total Colour Master Nightingale Award, named after the Nightingale family who founded and still run Resene today, as well as the Resene Heritage Award. The project features Resene Blanc, Resene Half Beryl Green, Resene Jaguar, Resene Smoky Green, Resene Sanguine Brown and Resene Wan White – authentic selections which pay homage to the building’s rich history.

The Resene Total Colour Awards were launched to encourage and celebrate excellent and creative use of colour; to showcase striking colour palettes and combinations and provide fresh inspiration–and this year’s submissions did not disappoint. As so many projects have been delayed over the last 18 months, there was a pronounced shift to making the most of what already exists, with many older projects lovingly brought to life with painstaking attention to detail, care and fresh coats of new Resene colour. It did not go unnoticed by the judging panel, which included Sylvia Sandford (colour expert), John Walsh (previous editor of Architecture NZ, architecture writer) and Laura Lynn Johnston (editor of BlackWhite magazine, previous editor of habitat magazine).

For details on all of the Resene Total Colour Award winners, both past and present, visit

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