Creative forever photos: Lavender Turner Wedding Photographer

“Documentary-style techniques capture those fleeting moments that flash by on the day,” says wedding photographer Lavender Turner.

“I’m constantly scanning for candid moments, from all different angles. It may be behind the altar, close-up detailing, or family members’ blissful expressions during the ceremony. She suggests a relaxed, unhurried schedule, making time for fun photo opportunities, such as with family during a cocktail hour. While always keeping colour and lighting natural, Lavender often uses romantic trends from decades past, like film cameras on the tables, and also prints off digital snaps for a sneak preview at the reception.

“Every wedding is very different, even culturally, so I meet them beforehand to get to know them as a couple, and the wedding party during morning preparations.”

The open-minded creative loves wedding planning and timeless trends, also utilising her marketing skills in brand photography. Her affordable packages can include a videographer.

Christchurch-based but travel obsessed, Lavender does weddings around the country, absorbing 40 percent of clients’ travel costs.
Her journey doesn’t end when the wedding does. The excitement of documenting each couple’s day has just begun.

Call Lavender on 027 545 7898, or email

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